Month: September 2014

What Does it Mean to be An Artist? / New Gallery Events!

Tweets That Are Gurd

Our Creative People Twitter account has become quite the curatorial field in it’s own right. With every event that Three Creative’s holds in Lincoln, we gain more followers and follows, and with each of these a brand new mind, body and spirit of creativity in the heart of Lincolnshire. We often try and retweet and promote these individuals/groups – as shown in the top image – to connect as many kinds of people as possible. These connections are what build a truly artistic community, in our eyes. 

But if you are building an artistic community, surely you need artists? And you seem – you may say – to be retweeting universities, graphic designers, novelists and filmmakers. I don’t see any artists. 

Artistry does not fall merely into a set of media more conventional. At Three Creatives, we most certainly do not constrain ourselves into thinking only artists of paint or sculpting are of that ilk. On the contrary, any one from Jessica Bardney with her paintings (and much more!) to Alex Capper and her Sound Entrepreneurship, or Ben Atkinson with his radio work, novels and design company Tall Lime: all of these are artistic in their own right. They inspire. They experiment. They push boundaries. 

But artists have something other people do not. A Gallery. And Three Creatives is branching out once more to help support creativity in Lincolnshire by hosting new Gallery Events.

Our next Gallery Event will be hosted at Craft Bar and Kitchen – which is becoming our usual haunt – on the 25th September between 1-7pm (13:00-19:00). Come along to meet industrial photographers, AR designers and more. We’ll release all of our artists through our twitter feed.

This is a new way to help promote creativity. Not just networking, but proper space to show off your work. We will curate each exhibition, to give everyone who comes to our usual networking get-togethers a chance to really show-off every detail of their craft.

Come along to Craft Bar and Kitchen to discover a whole other meaning to the word artist. Perhaps you’ll find someone to collaborate with yourself!

If you want to know more about our light-hearted get-together networking drinks – or wish to be at the next Gallery event – please email us at, or through our Twitter