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Impromptu: Little Lumps of Clay

I want you to imagine that Three Creatives/Creative People is a pottery shop. We are by no means anything like one, but for the purpose of this semi-rambling analogy it would help me no end if you could imagine us all in aprons, surrounded by ceramic, teaching pottery workshops, and not a group of people who run networking events.

Bare with me.

So Creative People Pottery Workshops and Ceramics has just opened. And we have approximately 5-10 customers on a slow day, and up to 25 on a busy one. The problem comes in that Creative People Pots is only offered a very small amount of clay to run the entire operation. This little lump of clay allows us to teach our 5-25 customers how to make very tiny urns, but this is not what we are all about. We want to make enormous pots and plates and a plethora of other things found in glass cabinets, but we just don’t have enough clay.

If you are savvy, you will have comprehended that in this bizarre metaphor, that clay represents time and money. Currently, Three Creatives – the informal arrangement of a group of highly inspired dreamers and producers – is comprised of three people, all with full time/part time jobs, scattered around the Lincolnshire Area, trying to inspire a culture of collaboration for all. Building an atmosphere that breaks down the walls between high art/low art – that connects realms of thought previously unconnected, and generally has a rollicking good time being artistic and creative – with little time/money is quite a feat. This is not us patting ourselves on the back, and arrogantly pedestalling ourselves as brilliant people for being able to accomplish things without stuff, but – for now – much the opposite. We want to say sorry.

All three of us became ill all around the same time, and then various family concerns struck us. Whilst dealing with new jobs (a good thing!) and other menageries of problems that Pottery Shops – I mean networking events – face, it has become impossible to get everything ready for Oct 15th. Instead, we are moving the event, to early November, so we can deliver the best we can. Bigger, better, more time.

So, the doors of our little Pottery Shed are closing, and we are unable to help you make your little urns, but rest assured we are not ceasing at all. If anything, we have new found vigour after life splattered various nastiness’ upon us. And maybe, hopefully, next time, we will have even more clay so we can really stick to our manifesto and beliefs:

  1. Collaboration between all forms of art, culture and creativity, with no prejudice to any form of knowledge
  2. Bridging the gap between High Art and Low Art, and showing people that there is no difference
  3. Helping creatives establish themselves in a fluctuating scene
  4. Building friendships and collaborations across all fields of study, experimentation and work.

We hope you understand, and apologise dearly for any inconvenience we may have caused, but we are still working tirelessly to build ourselves and thus you guys. We just had a little hiccup with how much clay we have.


The Gallery: We Can Do So Much Together

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Let it be known that anything can be done on very little. One of my old lecturers, Darren Scales, recently reached a point in the production of his movie The Drift that is truly astounding. What I remember more than anything from his seminars – and being able to work alongside him – is that budget and scope are not huge concerns for an organisation or individual. He made The Drift on a very much indie-film level of budget, and created most of the wondrous project out of voluntary enthusiasm and cashing in favours that put Hollywood to shame (I assume this is why he released the details whilst in America!) It is this enthusiasm that we here at Creative People want to develop and help blossom. Yes, it is indisputable that financing, red tape and creative politics will always abide in the world of the imagination, but these things should not prevent us from accomplishing everything we can. It didn’t stop Darren Scales, and it will never stop us!

Our first Gallery Event held at The Craft Bar and Kitchen (always thankful!) truly encapsulates the feelings of collaboration and grass-roots, helping-each-other-out-ing that we adore. Hannah, Nathan (your narrator) and Samuel are building this, initially, on no budget. We don’t charge entry. We don’t sneak in hidden costs. We simply place people in a room we think that deserve public attention.

Following this, we bring together a range of artists all with so many skills to show off. Luke Clarke brought his photography, showcasing his talents at capturing the moment of our feline friends all the way to his professional wedding packages. Alongside him, Arron Baxter, with his ongoing project The Dark Chamber, heavily influenced by his photographic endeavours working within power stations. co_Lab brought the work they have been developing recently, from debating apps to their connectivity with Leeuwarden, NL. Stephen Fisher showed off his AR technological experiments that he is currently developing with a variety of clients for use in and around Lincolnshire. Sadly, we had to close shop early, and missed the opportunity to showcase Charlotte Greenley’s Lolita costumery, as she begins to understand the bizarre new world of Japanese culture and, to be blunt, epic cuteness.

And all of this for free? Essentially. Creative People is currently working tirelessly to continue pressing different creative fields into tight little informal corners, in the hopes (nay, we know it will happen) that wonderful, new things will blossom out of it. This can’t happen without you, of course (yes, you!), and we are always thankful of anyone supporting our projects and endeavours. We just hope, as we develop and grow, we can just deliver bigger and better things to you all. Imagine what we could do with some funding (obligatory winky face 😉 ).

At the end of the day, we know we have work to do, especially with our marketing. My personal plan (“my” being Nathan) is to try and utilise as many 3rd year university students, to give them an ongoing dip-in-and-out project to support their careers, portfolios and imaginations. But who knows where we will go next, but I assure you we will keep you posted. We are superbly pleased with our first Gallery Event, and the enthusiasm of all who came to show their work (and definitely those who came to have a gander), and we cannot wait to turn it into something even bigger next time.

What Does it Mean to be An Artist? / New Gallery Events!

Tweets That Are Gurd

Our Creative People Twitter account has become quite the curatorial field in it’s own right. With every event that Three Creative’s holds in Lincoln, we gain more followers and follows, and with each of these a brand new mind, body and spirit of creativity in the heart of Lincolnshire. We often try and retweet and promote these individuals/groups – as shown in the top image – to connect as many kinds of people as possible. These connections are what build a truly artistic community, in our eyes. 

But if you are building an artistic community, surely you need artists? And you seem – you may say – to be retweeting universities, graphic designers, novelists and filmmakers. I don’t see any artists. 

Artistry does not fall merely into a set of media more conventional. At Three Creatives, we most certainly do not constrain ourselves into thinking only artists of paint or sculpting are of that ilk. On the contrary, any one from Jessica Bardney with her paintings (and much more!) to Alex Capper and her Sound Entrepreneurship, or Ben Atkinson with his radio work, novels and design company Tall Lime: all of these are artistic in their own right. They inspire. They experiment. They push boundaries. 

But artists have something other people do not. A Gallery. And Three Creatives is branching out once more to help support creativity in Lincolnshire by hosting new Gallery Events.

Our next Gallery Event will be hosted at Craft Bar and Kitchen – which is becoming our usual haunt – on the 25th September between 1-7pm (13:00-19:00). Come along to meet industrial photographers, AR designers and more. We’ll release all of our artists through our twitter feed.

This is a new way to help promote creativity. Not just networking, but proper space to show off your work. We will curate each exhibition, to give everyone who comes to our usual networking get-togethers a chance to really show-off every detail of their craft.

Come along to Craft Bar and Kitchen to discover a whole other meaning to the word artist. Perhaps you’ll find someone to collaborate with yourself!

If you want to know more about our light-hearted get-together networking drinks – or wish to be at the next Gallery event – please email us at, or through our Twitter



#CreativePeople – Fliers and the Future



#CreativePeople has continued to flourish with each and every event that we host. From our humble beginnings, in the space of only a few months we have seen greater numbers of enthusiastic, wonderful creative individuals come to these networking opportunities, and we can only see them growing to be even bigger and better as we continue with our work. It is strange to think how all this began: I (Nathan) was talking with Hannah Agutter about meeting with some of her team on a project she was currently working on, and we decided that rather than just that, we’d make it free for all! Let’s make it available for anyone to come, and let’s see who else wants to join in our creative shenanigans. A few months later, and here we are, with sights like this:


#CreativePeople continues to create a relaxed environment for creatives so that collaboration can flourish. Competition in the market will always be something to consider and overcome, but we hope to be able to combat that kind of mentality with something more friendly, open and helpful. 


For example, just above here, Brett Knights is showing off his latest game Spectrum (now called Colorimetry). This allowed him to get feedback on his production, develop the game, and meet people in the industry outside of his field of gaming, such as film makers and photographers. We call this Cross-Pollination. As well as receiving helpful, friendly collaboration – even if it is just feedback – we also have him meeting, liaising and connecting with other artistic fields outside of his own. Cross-pollination, we feel, is integral to creating a media environment that outshines other disciplines.

But I bet you are more excited by the top picture. Well, Hannah definitely was. Said it was like Christmas. Recently, Lisa Jones has been working hard creating logos and fliers for #CreativePeople and it’s events. The very top picture comes from Hannah’s twitter the moment they were delivered, and you will see them around Lincoln very shortly with all of the details (which I will also add below). They will also be in our first pitch, where we are applying for funding for Three Creatives, our new company behind #CreativePeople. You’ll see more about that later, I trust you. We are far too excited to not tell you things about that. We are incredibly grateful to have had Lisa work with us. Her design work has truly given #CreativePeople the flair, professionalism and excitement it deserves. Thank you.

In short, we are coming leaps and bounds, and hope to bring everyone with us. We want everyone to feel like they have a place in a market stock full of creativity, and that should never, ever be wasted.

If you don’t want to feel left out of the loop, come along to the next event, at Craft Bar and Kitchen, 7:30pm-10:00pm, July 17th, Lincoln Highstreet. See everyone there!