#CreativePeople – Fliers and the Future



#CreativePeople has continued to flourish with each and every event that we host. From our humble beginnings, in the space of only a few months we have seen greater numbers of enthusiastic, wonderful creative individuals come to these networking opportunities, and we can only see them growing to be even bigger and better as we continue with our work. It is strange to think how all this began: I (Nathan) was talking with Hannah Agutter about meeting with some of her team on a project she was currently working on, and we decided that rather than just that, we’d make it free for all! Let’s make it available for anyone to come, and let’s see who else wants to join in our creative shenanigans. A few months later, and here we are, with sights like this:


#CreativePeople continues to create a relaxed environment for creatives so that collaboration can flourish. Competition in the market will always be something to consider and overcome, but we hope to be able to combat that kind of mentality with something more friendly, open and helpful. 


For example, just above here, Brett Knights is showing off his latest game Spectrum (now called Colorimetry). This allowed him to get feedback on his production, develop the game, and meet people in the industry outside of his field of gaming, such as film makers and photographers. We call this Cross-Pollination. As well as receiving helpful, friendly collaboration – even if it is just feedback – we also have him meeting, liaising and connecting with other artistic fields outside of his own. Cross-pollination, we feel, is integral to creating a media environment that outshines other disciplines.

But I bet you are more excited by the top picture. Well, Hannah definitely was. Said it was like Christmas. Recently, Lisa Jones has been working hard creating logos and fliers for #CreativePeople and it’s events. The very top picture comes from Hannah’s twitter the moment they were delivered, and you will see them around Lincoln very shortly with all of the details (which I will also add below). They will also be in our first pitch, where we are applying for funding for Three Creatives, our new company behind #CreativePeople. You’ll see more about that later, I trust you. We are far too excited to not tell you things about that. We are incredibly grateful to have had Lisa work with us. Her design work has truly given #CreativePeople the flair, professionalism and excitement it deserves. Thank you.

In short, we are coming leaps and bounds, and hope to bring everyone with us. We want everyone to feel like they have a place in a market stock full of creativity, and that should never, ever be wasted.

If you don’t want to feel left out of the loop, come along to the next event, at Craft Bar and Kitchen, 7:30pm-10:00pm, July 17th, Lincoln Highstreet. See everyone there!